Neighbors [365 Writing Project]

I watched from the kitchen window as Lily played in the backyard.  My brother had given us one of those Fisher Price play sets and Lily loved playing on it every day.  He no longer needed it and felt we could use it for Lily and Stefan.  Thinking about it, I don’t know why he would have such kids play set.  Jon isn’t married nor does he have any kids.  Not that it makes a difference where he got it from – it’s just one of those things that make you wonder.  Jon does have a history of different women in and out of his life, maybe it came from of them. Again, it doesn’t matter.  All that mattered was Lily and Stefan enjoyed it.  Stefan was down for his afternoon nap and would be there for at least another forty-five minutes of so.  Lily stopped taking naps as soon as she graduated to her big girl bed nine months ago.  Stefan being confined to a crib doesn’t have the luxury of getting out of bed whenever he wants to, unlike Lily who saw her new bed as an opportunity to do what she wants.

Our dog Radar liked to play in the set as well.  Lily has tried numerous times to get him to come down the slide with her, but has been unsuccessful as of yet.  When Radar isn’t playing with the kids or scarfing down his food, that dog loves to bark at the neighbors through the chain-link fence..   Abe Rodriguez and his family live next door.  They’re established in the neighborhood and older than us as well.  Abe and Julia or Julie, I can never remember which one it is so I just call her Mrs. Rodriguez, have a grandson about Lily’s age.  When he visits his grandparents, he plays outside on the swing in their backyard.  Radar barks and barks at that kid.  It’s not like the four year old is slinging rocks at the mutt, Radar is just a puppy who barks at everyone not in our family. 

This is one of those times.

I’m standing in the kitchen watching Lily through the window play “school playground” as Radar is up against the chain-link fence barking at the kid and Julia or Julie.  I whisper a curse about how dumb the dog is, open the door and scold the dog.

“Radar!  Get inside and shut up!!”

Not that I care he’s barking at the neighbors, I just don’t want him waking up Stefan yet.  I still got about 45 minutes before I have to change a diaper and I really don’t want to be doing it right now because my dumb dog is being loud.

Radar complies and runs inside. He scurries off to our bedroom where Nat is more than likely resting before she has to go into work this evening.

I wave an apologetic wave to Julie or Julie and ask Lily if she needs anything.  She reminds me she’s not allowed to have anything to drink on the “school playground” and goes back to her fun.  I take this to mean she’s eventually going to be thirsty, so I come back inside, grab one of her Shopkins cups and fill it with water from the fridge.  When I look back outside, Lily is walking towards the chain-link fence.  Julia or Julie’s grandson is there calling her to him.  I look around their backyard to see her on the phone, but paying attention to her grandson.  I look back at the kid to see what’s going on.


That little punk just Lily a flower through the chain-link fence!

Lily takes the flower and goes back to her play set.



I’m going to Home Depot next weekend to put up a wooden fence.

This is a writing prompt from my 365 Writing Project Series.  This prompt was about neighbors.

Matt Riddle is Talking with WWE Once Again [Wrestling]

Photo Credit: Esther Lin / MMA Fighting

Former UFC welterweight and inaugural WWN Champion, Matt Riddle is once again in talks with World Wrestling Entertainment.  During  the April 22nd ODN Wrestling Podcast with Ric “The Stick” Lobon, Riddle was asked if there was any movement on the WWE front. 

Riddle did acknowledge he had spoken with William Regal, who has a key role in recruiting wrestlers to NXT/WWE, since winning the WWN Championship on April 1st.  “I reached out to [William] Regal shortly after winning the WWN Championship a few weeks ago.  A buddy of mine told me HHH really wanted to get me into the Performance Center.  They’re just cautious about the whole failed drug testing thing, you know…”

Earlier this year, Riddles poke with The Irish Daily Mirror on how his two failed drug tests was a key reason why the company decided not to actively pursue him at that time.

Riddle continued, “… I understand where they’re coming from. I mean, any talent they sign is an investment and they want to make sure they get what they’re paying into it… It wasn’t a long conversation, but [William] Regal did state the marijuana testing was still a concern and they would be interested if I could pass consecutive tests… In this business nothing is guaranteed, yet being able to share a locker room with the current WWE Superstars, that would be amazing!” 

Ric asked Matt which brand he would want to be on once he were to be called up from NXT – “SmackDown Live most definitely! With a roster consisting of Aj Styles, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens…  Where else would you want to be?” 

Matt also said his dream WrestleMania opponent would be “Brock Lesnar”.  Noting both of them with history in the UFC as well as their contrasting styles and sizes.

Just last night, Matt Riddle defended his WWN Championship against Drew Galloway (currently signed to WWE/NXT as Drew McIntyre) in an I Quit Match at the EVOLVE 83 iPPV.

What are your thoughts on Matt Riddle possibly coming to the WWE?  Sound off in the comments below.

DISCLAIMER - This is a work of fiction.  This is a writing sample.

Interview with WWE Superstar Charlotte [Wrestling]

WWE Raw Women's Champion - Charlotte

The current WWE Women’s Champion, Charlotte spoke with recently promoting Sunday’s Royal Rumble in San Antonio, Texas. The four time champion was asked whether or not she would like to be part of the Royal Rumble match.

Instead of directly answering the question, Charlotte focused the answer back on the Woman’s Championship:

"I have the Women's Championship and I think our focus should be building a stronger division, showing that we are just as big of a draw as the men, but once I'm not in the title picture anymore, I think it would be great to enter the Rumble, because at the end of the day, I can out wrestle some of them, but it would have to make story line sense.”

She continued with the idea about an all-women’s rumble:

‘I hope in the future, if we have a big enough division to do it or if they ever bring RAW and Smackdown back together, I'd love for us to have an all-female Royal Rumble. I think that would be awesome."

While the two brands don’t necessarily have to be back together for a inter-brand pay per view event, Miss Charlotte is correct stating there isn’t quite enough players for a serious Women’s Rumble.

If Charlotte did happen to enter the Royal Rumble, she would not be the first female participant. Chyna was the first ever female to enter the male dominated Rumble back in 1999 in the number 30 spot. She returned in 2000 to eliminate Chris Jericho from the title picture. Beth Phoenix participated in the 2010 Royal Rumble and made her mark by eliminating the Great Khali.

Charlotte defends her RAW Women’s Championship against Bayley at this weekend’s Royal Rumble. For coverage of the event, be sure to stay with this website.

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