Mystery Cookie [Writing Prompt]

Mystery Cookie [Writing Prompt]

Taken from Writer's Digest.  The writing prompt was as follows...

One day you come into work and find a cookie mysteriously placed on your desk. Grateful to whoever left this anonymous cookie, you eat it. The next morning you come in and find another cookie. This continues for months until one day a different object is left–and this time there’s a note.

While most people dread Mondays or going to work all together, Cooper enjoys coming to work.  He hadn’t always felt this way.  He used to be cynical like a lot of his co-workers in eligibility.  They come to work with fake smiles and complaints about their significant others; but over the past ten weeks he’s overcome the depression he began to deal with after Jenn broke off their engagement.

The happiness started again with a cookie about ten weeks ago.

A single cookie was sitting on his desk one Monday morning about a month after the break-up.  Cooper had no idea where it came from.  He didn’t trust a random cookie sitting on his desk so threw it away.  The next day another cookie was waiting for him.  Again he threw it away.  After a week of cookies, he finally started to accept the gift and eat them. 

And they were delicious!

He started looking forward to coming to work because of the mystery cookie.  He always felt it was that cute clerk girl Megan, but the cookies kept coming after she was fired for assaulting that guy Russ in claims.

The cookies made him happy because it made Cooper feel appreciated again.

Cooper approached his cubicle with the same expected excitement he had every morning now.  He slung his backpack on his desk but didn’t see a cookie.

In its place was a manila envelope. Cooper was slightly disappointed but intrigued with this unexpected surprise.

He opened the envelope and emptied its contents on his desk.  A clinging sound got his attention first as he picked up a ring that came to rest next to his keyboard.  He held it between his thumb and fingers to examine and realized it was the ring he gave Jenn when he proposed.

“What the heck??!?”

He read the accompanying note:

“Dear Coop.  I hope you enjoyed the cookies.  I saw how upset you were after the break-up; I felt you needed hope again.  Jenn actually helped me with the cookies, well she WAS the cookies.  She turned out very sweet.   I was thinking of using some of her for your birthday cake next month.  LMK. Megan.”

Confused, Cooper flipped over a picture and vomited as he recognized Jenn’s mutilated body in the background of Megan’s selfie.

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