Middle Class Batman

In the summer of 2015, I came up with the character Middle Class Batman.  I'd put on a Batman mask one of my kids had and a Batman cowl we got from somewhere.  I'd then broadcast myself on Periscope and talk like Christian Bale's batman.  I'd be goofy or do skits with my kids or whatevers.  I met a lot of friends on Periscope because of this.  I kind of semi-retired being MCB in costume, but I still run the blog.  Here I promote comics, toys, sponsored posts and marriage/parenting stuff.  I have fun on here what I would do on Hashtag Bolton.

Crappy Writing Blog

I think it was in 2009.  I started doing these writing prompt challenges.  People said they liked my work, so I started saving them at this place.  I still think they're crap.  I'm going through them little by little and editing/updating them.

Hashtag Bolton

This is where the blogging all started - well sort of.  It started with Juggling Eric.  Then it went to Welcome to Boltonshire. Then it became this.  I didn't want to be labeled a "Daddy Blogger" any longer.  I just wanted to be a blogger.  It didn't last long because I was inconsistent with my postings.
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