Matt Riddle is Talking with WWE Once Again [Wrestling]

Matt Riddle is Talking with WWE Once Again [Wrestling]

Photo Credit: Esther Lin / MMA Fighting

Former UFC welterweight and inaugural WWN Champion, Matt Riddle is once again in talks with World Wrestling Entertainment.  During  the April 22nd ODN Wrestling Podcast with Ric “The Stick” Lobon, Riddle was asked if there was any movement on the WWE front. 

Riddle did acknowledge he had spoken with William Regal, who has a key role in recruiting wrestlers to NXT/WWE, since winning the WWN Championship on April 1st.  “I reached out to [William] Regal shortly after winning the WWN Championship a few weeks ago.  A buddy of mine told me HHH really wanted to get me into the Performance Center.  They’re just cautious about the whole failed drug testing thing, you know…”

Earlier this year, Riddles poke with The Irish Daily Mirror on how his two failed drug tests was a key reason why the company decided not to actively pursue him at that time.

Riddle continued, “… I understand where they’re coming from. I mean, any talent they sign is an investment and they want to make sure they get what they’re paying into it… It wasn’t a long conversation, but [William] Regal did state the marijuana testing was still a concern and they would be interested if I could pass consecutive tests… In this business nothing is guaranteed, yet being able to share a locker room with the current WWE Superstars, that would be amazing!” 

Ric asked Matt which brand he would want to be on once he were to be called up from NXT – “SmackDown Live most definitely! With a roster consisting of Aj Styles, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens…  Where else would you want to be?” 

Matt also said his dream WrestleMania opponent would be “Brock Lesnar”.  Noting both of them with history in the UFC as well as their contrasting styles and sizes.

Just last night, Matt Riddle defended his WWN Championship against Drew Galloway (currently signed to WWE/NXT as Drew McIntyre) in an I Quit Match at the EVOLVE 83 iPPV.

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