First Loved Us [Devotional]

First Loved Us [Devotional]

We love because [God] first loved us. - 1 John 4:19

At any random time during the day, one of my younger children will say, "I love you Daddy" and then hug my legs.

They can do this when I am leaving for work, returning from work, or even after I have disciplined them.

Sure after they get in trouble, I am not their favorite person, but they will eventually come and tell me they love me on their own.

The reason they show this love to their parents is because we loved them first. We loved them the moment we found out we were pregnant with each one of them.

We show them constant love, and they reciprocate it back to us and hopefully towards others as well.

My parents loved me, just as theirs loved them, onward and onward and onward. Going all the way back to Noah and as far back as Adam himself.

God LOVED Adam before Adam knew what love was. Adam learned to love himself and how to love Eve from God. God loved us as humans first.

Because God loved Adam and Eve, they have been able to pass this amazing state of being down through thousands and thousands and thousands of generations.

Then to show us just how much more He loves us; He sent His only Son to die on a cross for us. So that one day when we are called to be with Him, we can wrap our arms around His legs and tell Him how much we love Him.

Our Challenge Today: Tell people you care about that you love them. Be an example to your children and see how they emulate the love that God first showed us.Have a blessed day my friends.
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